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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  March 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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now at 6:00 blustery but beautiful, and sunny, but very windy day across the region but don't look now, we're tracking some snow. the just when you thought we marched our way into warm weather, here we go again, good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. lets get out to meteorologist kate bilo on the the skies deck with more on that, kate. >> i'll tell you ukee and jessica we're heading toward spring at least out here at 6:00 and still pretty bright outside. we are in the middle of the gorgeous sunset following what turned out to be a nice day after the rain that came through overnight last night. as you said it was a blustery day. take a look at peak win gusts to day, 50 miles an hour, reported in newtown square, dear lake, berks county, 49 miles an hour in cock rapville, 47 miles an hour in wilson. a very windy day, wind gust ted to 40 miles an hour at the airport as well but you can see on storm scan three things are quiet. just some snow showers off to the west but in the central planes that is where we're tracking our next system
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gathering strength and moisture, and it will start to move towards us tomorrow, you can see by tomorrow night that is a lit built of snow moving in. coming up i'll tell you how long the snow will last, how much snow you can expect to sianni whether it will stick to the roads, coming up when i join you inside, back inside to you. well, two police officers in the right place at the right time they saved woman's life outside a wawa convenient store last month and today that woman reunited with the policeman for the very first time. now she's speaking out hoping to save even more lives. our walt hunter is outside lower merion police station with the television exclusive, walt. >> reporter: ukee, annie fitzpatrick and her mom came here to thank those two officers saying how grateful she was for them saving their life and also issuing a warning about the hidden heart problem that nearly caused annie her life. annie fitzpatrick brought
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hugs. and, gifts of angels as she was reunited with the men that she believes are her real life angels, lower merion police officers jeff sullivan and rob witt, who saved her life, weeks ago. >> lou so healthy. >> i know. >> you look really good. >> feels so much better. >> thank you. >> the officers pulling this aed from her car administered cpr bringing annie back to life after she collapsed outside this penn rally wawa, her mother by her side. aed read out showing in chilling detail, the flat line, followed by a life saving spike as the the officers got her heart, beating again. >> i just think it is amazing, i don't know what to think other than a miracle. >> reporter: as signs and social network post continuings praised the officers annie and her mom hope they are frightening experience draws attention to an often undetected heart
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problem called long qt which, unknown to annie caused her collapse. >> it was just disguised as epilepsy. we never knew. people need to learn more about this. >> reporter: annie and her mom urging installation of aed in all schools and businesses and asking young athletes to get screened for the potentially deadly heart defect that nearly took annie's life. >> easily diagnosed with the ekg and they save lives. they absolutely do. they saved annie's life. >> reporter: on the morning when this happened annie and her mom were heading home where she would have been alone when the heart problem struck. at last minute they went to the wawa, officer sullivan went to a wawa miles away but parking lot was filled and so at that very moment their paths crossed, the right place, the right time and life saved. live from lower merion police headquarters i'm walt hunter for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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>> right place, right time for sure, walt, thank you. from the story of survival to coping were lost, millions of people deal with grief every day and now growing number of comforting, each other with help of technology. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here now with how a delaware county mommies getting help and also giving back. >> reporter: this is a special story, guys. social media is often silly, trivial but it can also be emotionally supportive where strangers can come together for a powerful virtual hug. >> that is pretty cute. >> reporter: adorable puppy is nice distraction for teen and mark rose who are heart broken over sudden death of their new born daughter. >> i'm always going to miss her. >> reporter: she was born in october a big healthy baby who died from a birth complication. lost in grief tina says social media is helping her cope. >> it just helps to be able to talk about it with other people. >> reporter: she tapped into a vast community of other moms who lost children a virtual
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tribe of woman she called lost moments. >> you feel like you are not alone and you have people that understand. when there are daisy cannot get out of bed i take a picture of myself in bed crying and i post it and there is ten women that have the same thing happen, right away and say i know where you are at, and just keep breathing. >> reporter: strange hours become soul mates through social media helping each other cope with grief. tina who has a constant reminder, a tattoo using larkin's initial that is says love always remains. >> god didn't do this to punish you. >> reporter: tina found a helpful book called you are the mother of all mothers. she has a go fund me page called larkin's leg ace toy raise money to buy more books to give to other grieving moms. >> know that they are not alone and there is a huge community of women out there that are ready to welcome them with open arms and to love them. >> grief can be very isolating but experts say that sharing,
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feelings communicating, it is a critical first step in the the healing process. and soaks media can be so helpful with that. tina says she's feeling so much stronger because of social media she's feeling like she will be able to try to have another baby. >> that is nice. >> we wish her the best, both of them. >> thanks, stephanie. standing behind donald trump may be hurting governor christie in more ways then one. six new jersey newspapers are calling for him to resign. the papers all owned by gannett ran editorials calling him a political opportunity is who neglect his duties in the garden state. editorial encouraged new jersey vote tours start an effort to recall him if he refuses to step down. the last week christie endorsed donald trump after ending his own presidential bid. >> wasn't real pleased when i saw that. in fact i unfollowed him on facebook for that. >> reporter: why? >> i just don't think trump is the guy. he scares me. >> reporter: governor
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christie's office has not responded to the editorial yet but is already low approval numbers are taking a dive, only 27 percent of new jersey voters, polled after the trump endorsement, a approved of christie a's job performance. >> prosecutors are investigating after a neighbor, turns the table and shoots two young attackers in queen village. investigators say the six five-year old shooter had a valid permit to carry a concealed weapon and acting in self-defense. eyewitnesses say he was walking home near second and kennel worth with his wife when an argument broke out between the shooter and the the suspects. >> i was happy that he was able to use that gun properly, no loss of life, and he was able to survive a potentially deadly confrontation. >> reporter: so far no charges have been filed in that case. a terrifying knife attack is caught on camera in fishtown. philadelphia police hope you can help them find the man responsible, take a look at this surveillance video from last saturday at the huntingdon el station on
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kensington avenue. police say man stabbed a 30 year-old woman several times, he ran away she was able to crawl out to get help if you recognize her a attacker, call 911. >> police make two arrests in the double stabbing in center city this violence began overnight when two groups of people got the in the fight near tenth and market. one of the victims was stabbed in the neck, other in the back, police arrested a man and woman at the scene. >> mayor kenney will add city council for a lot of money for little gadgets in his upcoming budget address. he wants 1.1 million-dollar for 800 body cameras to be worn by city police officers. mayor says cameras are a quote important step forward to improve relations between police and residents, commissioner richard ross has said body cameras would be a welcomed tool to the department. still to come on "eyewitness news" local school, on a mission. >> and tracking down in real time, nothing new there but i'm's rahel solomon coming up
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how what they are doing, is hoping troubled students. >> closing in on a milestone anniversary for care package, helping people for decades and may be surprised to learn where it all started, don. sixers could be using something that hasn't been done for which decade and that is not the a good thing. the one of the young hot prospects with the moon shot today in clearwater, florida, safe to say don't miss it coming up later in sports.
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all across america we are honoring reading. >> some local students got to hear a story read by jim donovan. >> this is what kindness does, miss albert said. >> look at those children listening to jim. he was at thomas bowe elementary school in glassboro as part of the read across america day which falls annually on the author's birthday. fourth, fifth, sixth graders enjoyed the fun, and were very good listeners. >> do you see jim didn't put a hat over his hair. >> you don't want to damage the hair. >> that is a great shot. >> philadelphia a charter school is borrowing, a term from nasa, but it has nothing to do with space travel.
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>> "eyewitness news" reporter rahel solomon explains innovative idea and benefit it brings to the students. >> reporter: typically it is students, pouring over numbers and building graphs and classrooms but at laguardia academy. >> it is air traffic control center. >> reporter: they called this room mission control. this is where a small group of analyst, educators remotely track progress of 205 students from four different schools, struggling ago democratly. >> schools have a hard time informing students, parents about how kids are doing in algebra until 45 days after the school year starts. >> reporter: as student complete on line assignments, teachers can see how each student is progressing and if they are not on target it is time to intervene with more one on one instruction from the teacher. >> this particular student, did very well with high frequency word, word recognition, fun i cans but where they were struggling is in spelling, and with reading comprehension. >> one teacher says since
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using program things he has noticed most is confidence level of students. >> i have kid that are way far behind and math, so like eighth grader on a sixth grade level we are hoping to get him back on the eighth grade level by end of the year. and we are halfway through the year and he has progressed further then we thought. we are looking to go above and beyond by end of the year. >> like all things in education parents have to be included, so they often have skype, video calls of members of the team, who hope to have an entire mission control centered school in september. >> we are looking to compliment the program in the school, not to say that the teacher is not doing job well but to help them with the population of the student who for whatever reason have some type of difficulty in the learning experience. >> reporter: in center city rahel solomon, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, one of the largest humanitarian groups in the country is celebrating the 70th anniversary. >> organize care assembled and sent its first care package
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from right here in philadelphia. the non-profit originally sent packages to refugees in need following world war two. well to day care works in countries like syria, ethiopian sending vital police to those in need. care's ceo spoke about its important mission. >> where people might be suffering or in a fragile or vulnerable state, care tries to be there to give them the support that they need to rebuild and to really have the dignity that we all deserve. >> reporter: those original packages included milk powder, rice, beans and other food items in survivors of world war two. a philadelphia with man turned 100 years old today. >> there was a very special celebration for julia at mercy life broad street facility in philadelphia. family and friend were on hand to mark the big day. there was a cake, music, some dancing. her son says that the secret to her long life is likely her loving heart and the love that she has shown to others, over
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the years. happy birthday, young lady, that is beautiful. >> what a beautiful day to have a birth the day, cake. >> yes. >> especially inside and not in the wind. beautiful will day to look at. >> yes, it was. we had lots of blue skies. if you slept past 7:00 you miss rain that came through overnight and sun was already shining by early this morning. beautiful sunny day but it has been windy. we have had nine days in a row of winds over 25 miles an hour, it the has been a very windy stretch for us. good news about tomorrow even though it is cold wind die down but briefly. back to windy conditions on friday as system moves through bringing in a threat for snow. lets look outside and out to the live neighborhood network cameras and it the is been a while since i can show you these web cams at night the at 6:00 they are usually dark. days are getting a little bit longer we're increasing daylight the by two and a half minutes each day as we head toward, of course start of the the daylight savings time when it gets even longer and that is just about a week and a
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half away. pleasant valley, chilly a at 31 degrees but clear outside. storm scan three looking clear across northeast we have lake effect snow showers here but i want to draw your a attention to this next system two. separate pieces of energy moving go through, they will phase together, they will come together and strengthen off shore but it looks like this pattern is just too quick and progressive to those link up anywhere close to the coast. we talk about earlier in the week it would be threading a small needle if this would blow up in the a major snowstorm. it will barely miss but i want to stress how close of a call this is. it looks like this could have been a whole lot worse. 39 degrees, in philadelphia 34 in reading. thirty-five in allentown. chilly day and big difference. we went from spring-like temperatures yesterday, 64 at 3:00 p.m. to winter today. 43 degrees was temperature at 3:00. 21-degree drop. talking about those wind, boy another blustery day, 40 miles an hour at airport. 48 miles an hour at mount
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pocono. 37 miles an hour in millville, this afternoon. lets get into future weather and look at the system heading our way. tonight, tomorrow everything is quiet, start your thursday with sunshine, by after the lunch hour that is when cloud start to roll role in. the snow holds off until tomorrow night, when we start to see it break out. here's northern piece, southern piece, watch what happens as this moves off shore. it does intensify. we are talking about friday midday so while a little intensification could happen here it may mix with rain for south jersey, delaware tough to get back to accumulate with that march sun angle but some spots could be closer to that 2-inch rain and then storm bombs out off shore but by then too late for us and we will miss a major march snow. more nuisance event, thursday night into friday morning. again could last in the midday hours especially south and east of the city, main i glass a accumulation, coat to go 1 inches, i think we are closest to the two south and
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east of philadelphia, possibly at the shore we will see mixing that will hold your totals down. slow travel, bridges, overpasses, untreated streets, front walkway, driveway friday morning brush some snow off your car. it is a nuisance event but be safe out there overnight mainly clear, breezy cold, 28. tomorrow dry. clouds are increasing as that system approaches and friday is the day, make sure you leave early for that friday morning commute, high in the afternoon only 39, and then saturday, 42, sunday we will jump to 46 with clouds giving way to sun and maybe shower saturday night or sunday morning and machine and tuesday temperatures rise again, we're talking near 70 by next wednesday or thursday. >> i love the one on's. >> do you. >> yes. >> that thanks. "cbs evening news" is just a few minutes away. >> scott pelley joins with us a look ahead. >> hi ukee and jessica in philadelphia. here's "cbs evening news" tonight, trump dominated republican race super tuesday but will g.o.p. establishment,
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accept him? plus today supreme court took up big's borings case in decades, and a triumphant return after a year in space for american scott kelly. we will have those stories just ahead on the "cbs evening news".
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we are taking a closer look at the numbers. >> yes. >> about the sixers. >> remember before the year. >> yes. >> i like the way they do it. >> i don't know, it is getting better every day. are they. >> records have made to be broken but nobody has this in mind, sixers play hornets in about 35 minutes. if they lose, they will have three, losing streaks of at least ten games this season, in team in the nba has done that this decade. high hopes, we hope they can turn this around. lets win tonight. phillies on the road, today taking on the blue jays, david
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buchanan on the mound and darren ruf, dodge ago this bat. he went two scoreless innings. aaron altear big blast to left field. phillies and blue jays playing, game end in a four-four tie. connor mcdavid plays for edmonton oilers exactly four months have after breaking his left collar bone in philadelphia, top draft pick in the 2015 draft will return to the center. flyers hosting edmonton tomorrow, orange and black will keep an eye on mcdavid as they battle for a wild card spot. they are three points out. rocky shane gostisbehere is up to the task. >> i don't think you treat them any different men anyone. just more aware when he is on the ice. you know, first class speed, one of the fastest guys in the league i think by far already but just, you treat him like anyone else. >> mike at dellzotto might be out foresees on for flyers but that doesn't mean the community work stops there he read to students today at john
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h glenn school in pine hill, new jersey to help celebrate read across america day good for john. >> nicely done. >> my sixers are having their moments. they have to put it together. >> play four quarters tonight. >> we will. >> just a little bit. >> thanks, man. still to come on "eyewitness news". >> there air lot of things that can make kids grand, but these west chester kids are smiling from ear to ear. apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo.
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weeknights at 11:00 you ask and nicole brewer answer your you you your question good. >> from moyamensing and everything in between, philly has some interesting street names, viewers, like vittoria, want to necessity how did philly street get their names. the it is tonight's good
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question and nicole has the a answer at 11:00. well, students get the a sweet treat for surpassing their reading goals in west chester. >> kid at chesterbrook academy, elementary school turned their principal and teacher into human sundays and they loved it. "eyewitness news" was there as they piled on the ice creek, syrup, topping, all of the fun, and students, it was a reward for reading, 100,000 minutes in a month, and it is ninth year, and way to go, kids. >> they were loving it. >> their faces are cracking me up in that video. >> yes, they were. >> that is great. >> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on the cw philly and back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news". up next one of the deadliest forms of cancer so were isn't it getting the same medical attention as others. doctor john lepuke can be finding out what can be done before it is too late. from new york here's scott pelley, take care family, we will see you tonight.
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>> what a super tuesday! >> pelley: the front-runners look like a cinch to clinch. >> if winner took all, this thing is over. >> pelley: some republicans fear it is over. >> here's what i'm going to say in november when we lose-- i told you so. >> pelley: also tonight, down a justice, the supreme court takes up the biggest abortion case in decades. a gang invades a gun store and steals dozens of weapons. an energy tycoonidize at the wheel one day after his indictment. and the most super of the super tuesday returns. >> scottie kelly, back on mother captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: thell


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